Flatback Rhinestone - LIGHT ROSE AB (3mm)
Distinctive Designs by Dani

Flatback Rhinestone - LIGHT ROSE AB (3mm)

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10 Gross (approximately 1,440 Rhinestones)

Flat back rhinestones are loose rhinestones typically used on hard surfaces costumes, and other accessories including keychains, tumblers, mugs, Crocs, etc. The back side includes a type of reflective foil for increased brilliance. These rhinestones  are usually adhered to using some type of adhesive or glue.

**IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER**: Do not confuse these with HOT-FIX RHINESTONES.  If you plan to add rhinestones using sticky flock and transfer tape, you should be using HOT-FIX RHINESTONES INSTEAD.  You can find HOT FIX RHINESTONES on this site as well.

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